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Wildlife Applications:

Thermal Imaging of events for wildlife researchers.

Great White Shark Breach in False Bay South Africa

Small Tomb Bats
Large Tomb Bats

Taxonomic Classification

  • Kingdom: Metazoa ((=Animalia) multicellular animals)
  • Phylum: Arthropoda (arthropods)
  • Class: Arachnida (spiders, harvestmen,  scorpions, mites, etc.)
  • Order: Araneae (spiders)
  • Family: Tetragnathidae (longjawed orbweavers)
  • Genus: Nephila
  • Species: Nephila clavipes
  • Common Names: Golden Silk Orbweaver, Golden Silk Spider, Banana Spider, Calico Spider

Wild Bee Hive on Tree Branch



Elephant hunt for Tigers

Mother and baby Elephant

Tiger with injured right rear leg


Peacock on display

                                                                                       Why a Contract?

Clear Communications and reaffirming your expectations are key to providing outstanding service!

When you engage the services of AIRIS, Inc., you will receive a letter of introduction and an Authorization for Survey Report and Contractual Agreement.  These documents will describe the Inspection Purpose, Scope, Fee, Payment Schedule, Terms and Conditions. 

Your acceptance of the contract will be required before the inspection begins.

Sample Reports
Report of Survey Audio gauge Steel Sailboat
Infrared White Paper Finding Gel Coat Voids


Last updated September 2009